Kingfisher's Noni

Kingfisher’s Noni fully commits to the use of purposeful, quality ingredients. Our products are formulated to be simple and effective for everyone, especially those with delicate, sensitive skin. We strive to deliver the best qualities of the powerful, all natural Noni fruit in each of our products. We believe that skincare is self-care, which is why our secret ingredients are extra love and care as our products are all natural and handmade!

Kingfishers Noni Guam  Office address: 1056 N Marine Corps Drive, Unit 1F, Tamuning, Guam  Phone: 1-671-987-9675

Kingfishers Noni Saipan  Office address: Alaihai Avenue Garapan Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands Phone: 1-670-233-6233